Make your parties Epic with an Outdoor kitchen

In a world where going out to eat is considered a danger to life as we know it, think of what our Outdoor Kitchens can do for your quality of life? After a long day at work my favorite evening activity is family dinner. I used to celebrate a big sale by coming home and telling the kids to pick a restaurant. Those days are long gone at the moment.


Our new “Dad made a big sale” celebration now consists of cooking outdoors. Cooking Outdoors has replaced our family parties, which are now smaller, as well. Smoking ribs, smoking a brisket, grilling salmon, or burgers and dogs are all a breeze with my Blackstone Creations kitchen. In truth, I actually prefer it to going out now. 


 While I don’t yet have a pool, I look forward to cookout pool parties. Nothing would bring a bigger smile to my face than cooking while the kids enjoy the pool. This would, of course, be followed by a fire in one of our firepits, with the sound of a waterfall running in the background. A guy has to dream right?


A couple weeks back I celebrated my 47th birthday. We wanted to go out for dinner, but this wasn’t an option. We instead opted for a smoked brisket at the outdoor kitchen and cornhole. My kids came with their significant others, my folks, and my closest friend and his wife. Small crowd for a normal party, but a big crowd in a covid world. 


The convenience of being able to be outside with my guests was amazing. The sunshine was showing on our faces. All things said, it was a wonderful way to spend my birthday. arguably, it was my favorite birthday party yet. 

While my smoker may be a pit boss , the rest of our kitchen equipment is all Coyote, which is proudly sold and installed by us at Blackstone Creations. Give us a call for your free consultation. Blackstone Creations can vastly improve your covid home life with a new fire pit, patio, or outdoor kitchen. Your parties can be the talk of the block. 


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